Migrante Filipina (webseries intro)

“Migrante Filipina” a webseries about Filipina migrant narratives will be launched next week with a pilot episode titled “Island Goddess: From Camiguin to Brooklyn.”  (this is a final project for the course on Producing Webisodes)

Migrante Filipina is not just a nonfiction webseries about Filipina women’s migrant narratives of nostalgia and diaspora, but more about human beings inherently being migratory subjects having the natural desire to move and get underway; taking risks, forming uncommon bonds, and dreaming of making it big while laughing along the way. It is about finding home in the most uncanny, sometimes cruel city as the Big Apple, while still facing the demands of having to look back and remember the home one has left behind.

Provides glimpses of the lives of these Filipino women—their exilic narratives, stories of love and betrayal, of defining identities, of the search for fulfillment, of creating interracial relationships, and everything in between.


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